For as long as he can remember, Roger Anthony has been fascinated with tattoos. While growing up in his hometown of Stone Mountain, Georgia, Roger focused primarily on sports and school. Though basketball was his first love, he always felt like he had yet to find his true calling.

This unsettling feeling remained until he found his talent for visualizing art on skin while studying Civil Engineering at Howard University. Art quickly became his passion after sketching a bridge diagram to scale for a class project. Roger’s curiosity and love of tattoos sparked his entrepreneurial spirit, and drove him to begin creating designs and honing his own skills as a tattoo artist.

A relative newcomer to the art world, Roger understood the importance of professional training and positive guidance to his development. After graduating in 2010, he began the search for an apprenticeship that would elevate him from a “scratcher” to the respected tattoo artist he aspired to be. A chance meeting with Chris Mensah, owner and master artist at Pinz-n-Needlez Tattoo in Washington, DC gave Roger his first foot in the door, and he began working part-time in the shop. Soaking up as much knowledge as he could from the more established artists, his desire for growth and exposure led him to enroll in the art program at Montgomery College, and take independent studio classes at the Washington Studio School and the Art League School. His perseverance paid off, and in 2011 he was awarded an apprenticeship at “Pinz”. 

From the start, art has been Roger’s escape from life’s daily grind. Now a full-time artist, art allows him to connect with his ancestors, his culture, and his community. The majority of his inspiration comes from music (specifically the Dungeon Family), his love of animals, and ancient Egyptian and tribal African imagery. Roger admires other artists like Miya Bailey, Ceaux Young, Aniekan Udofia, and Hebru Brantley whose love of humanity show through their artistry and their actions. He also understands that some of the keys to success in the art industry are supreme work ethic, unique style, and humility. As a mentor to many youth in the area, Roger knows firsthand the impact positive role models can have on a young person, and it is his goal to be known as a man who used his talents to inspire and uplift those who were less fortunate. Constantly learning and growing, Roger aims to create beautiful and unforgettable pieces that reflect his personal and artistic evolution.